What Makes Us Different?

6 years ago, we noticed the huge and sudden increase in the demand for cloud computing both within and outside the IT industry. When we developed vCloud, our main objective was to provide our users with a platform that they could connect from any device to our cloud computing platform. The next step was choosing a platform to build on; vmware. We then decided that our platform was going to be the total network in the cloud, this means desktops, servers, routing and even switching. Ultimately, this meant that the client could now simplify their local network to have only thin or zero clients.

Why We Are vCloud

For 15 years, vCloud was a renowned software development and IT network infrastructure company. As we developed an understanding of the limitations of having a central repository to give developers direct access to, vCloud became a company focused on backup, disaster recovery and business continuity. With the sudden boom in demand for cloud computing services and providers, we decided to create a true cloud computing platform for direct access to networks in the cloud.