What Is The Cloud?

What Is Cloud Computing? If you’ve come hear about tomorrow’s weather or to find out about clouds in the sky, then you’re in the wrong place but if you’ve been hearing about “the cloud” at work and you’re not sure what people are talking about, then hopefully this will help you better understand. I have […]

Benefits Of Moving To The Cloud

Benefits Of Cloud Computing Businesses today are starting to explore the value of moving there IT infrastructure into the Cloud. Today’s cloud technology can be confusing with the many offerings made available, choosing the right solution will greatly benefit your business. This is why at vCloudau we offer a much simpler approach of moving your […]

vCloudau data security

Secure Data Storage

Data Security At vCloud, we secure your data in the following ways: It is encrypted by a password that you select Not even we know what that password is It is securely stored in your own vault. This is a folder that can only be accessed by your chosen username and password We can only [...]
vCloud Virtual Networks

Why Move To A Virtual Network?

There are plenty of virtual network providers available in today's technologically advanced market, however, vCloud is the only provider that allows complete flexibility at affordable prices. If you are looking for a comprehensive cloud solution for your business but don't want to spend thousands on an unreliable service, then vCloud is the solution for you. [...]


Over the past few months, we have been undergoing testing on a virtualisation product from Oracle called VirtualBoot. Oracle VirtualBoot is an open-source virtualisation system that allows you to virtualise your workstations and devices at no cost. We chose Oracle VirtualBoot as it is the chosen virtualisation platform by StorageCraft to be the business continuity [...]
vcloudau disaster recovery

The Importance Of Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity

In today's modern, computerised work environment, it is more important than ever to ensure your data is backed up securely with a reliable cloud storage network. At vCloud, we backup everything on the server and regularly monitor it's stability. This means that no matter how many files or folders have been corrupted or lost, or [...]
vcloudau tablets

The Right Tablet For You

Over the years, the market has seen a massive influx of portable tablets from worldwide giants of the tech industry like Microsoft, Samsung and Apple. As well as each tablet providing it's own version of revolutionary software, individual tablets are often loaded with varying ranges of apps and features, designed to make life just that [...]
vCloud Hot Seat

Introducing The VCloud Hot Seat

When creating vCloud Australia, we began with a vision. That vision was to be able to provide a high quality, high performance service that allows our users to essentially take their desktop wherever they want. To accomplish this vision, we began by putting the network into our own cloud, hence our company name; vCloud. By [...]
vCloudau network as a service

Introducing Network-As-A-Service

Network-As-A-Service or 'NaaS,' is a software that allows your network, servers and other workstations to all be connected in the vCloud cloud storage network. Your network runs totally isolated to any other network within our private or public clouds. So you can rest assured knowing that no one other than yourself can gain access to [...]