Have you ever lost data?

We make Business Continuity simple with affordable solutions, continuous on-site & cloud, and remote backup technology.

With real-time monitoring, verification, testing, and retention policy to meet your requirements, you’ll see all the benefits of business continuity solutions the first time you accidentally delete or overwrite a file.

We have great backup options available. All backups have on and off-site copies, and a third remote copy is also available to give you further peace of mind. On top of these options, a hot start server will be plugged directly into our cloud network and virtualise your server until we fix your on-premise server.

Your data is transferred over a secure connection with military enabled security and encryption, meaning it cannot be intercepted. All our Business Continuity plans come with 24/7 support and access to your data.

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Business Continuity as a service
gives you less downtime while being more productive



Hardware failure is the leading cause of any unplanned downtime in business. From servers failing to faulty switches, hardware failure is unpredictable which therefore creates loss of data and documents you were working on. Reducing the risk of loss comes with creating a backup solution with vCloudau and keeping up to date with replacement of old hardware within your business.



Ever pressed the delete button by accident? Lost hours of work in a minute’s moment? Accidental deletion is an everyday occurrence that sees businesses needing to recreate work they have spent months on. With vCloudau’s back up recovery, our clients are only a phone call away to their deleted documents. Deleted files, folders, emails, and entire servers can be restored in minutes.



Power outages and cooling systems can affect your business many times throughout the year and can put productivity on hold for many hours. A UPS and air conditioner can save you from power outages and give the servers a safe way to shut down and power back up. When critical temperatures and power outages are recorded, proper notifications via email and SMS alert us.



Natural disasters are not an everyday event; however, they should still be an event to plan for with business continuity. If your business was affected by a fire or flood, and your data was fully stored on site, all business is lost. Creating a back up solution within the vCloud network allows for your data to be stored in our data centre, insuring in the event of a natural disaster, your data is available within minutes.



Malware has become one of the leading causes to business-threatening downtime. Including ransomware, spyware, viruses, trojans, and malicious emails, malware is detected in majority of businesses and causes downtime headaches across the board. Utilising vCloud’s products and services to prevent malicious malware will prevent those headaches from occurring.



Every minute of unexpected downtime can have a costly affect on your business. Staff wages, loss of revenue, loss of productivity and then the expenses of recovery and all equipment replacement if needed. To minimise these costs, it is essential for your business to put procedures in place such as back up off-site, recovery plans and IT consultancy to get back to business quickly.



Loss of Internet can be created for many various reasons; someone accidentally dug up the fibre underground causing damage, a fire started at the internet exchange box, or your internet company goes offline. These issues cause businesses to have downtime throughout the day. Utilizing vCloud’s multisite network bonder/aggregator will allow you to have a 300ms instant failover.



Business Continuity+ is a professional service where we provide a combination of 30 years I.T. knowledge, prevention in disaster recovery, business continuity, and cybersecurity, coupled with vast capabilities for remote access of your business information systems and data. For more information on how Business Continuity+ can save your business, please see us Business Continuity+ page.

Data Breach

New data breach laws have taken effect from February 2018. A data breach involves someone accessing your data or you store your data in an unsecured location such as a public domain.

It is vital that businesses comply with this and advise staff regarding safe data usage. If data is breached, businesses need to notify the Information Commissioner and any relevant individuals or organisations that are involved.

Don’t be a statistic. We can show you the best way to protect your data and limit your downtime, so you don’t have staff waiting for systems to come back online.

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Data Recovery

Don’t have a backup or business continuity plan in place? Hardware failure and data deletion will require a specialised data recovery company to recover your lost files and will cost substantially more than paying for a business continuity solution.

vCloud’s business continuity solution is like a data insurance policy, it ensures you have correct procedures in place, allowing us to work together to restore data and/or rebuild the relevant servers or files required. We can even restore to the cloud temporarily.

We will make sure you bring your business back online as quickly as possible.

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