Why do you need a virtual network?

A virtual network is the new way to make your business productive while working from anywhere. Cloud computing is here to stay, but choosing the right virtual network platform to suit your business requirements is the challenge.”

Cloud computing gives you the flexibility to be truly mobile, having access to all your data and information from anywhere in the world. This is the most positive reason to move to the cloud, to gain access to what you need from wherever you are.

If you have staff that operate from laptops and/or tablets, staff that need access from home, you travel interstate or overseas a lot, then having a cloud virtual network will keep you in touch with your staff and information anywhere in the world.

At vCloud, our Cloud Virtual Network gives you total freedom to have access to your information. We migrate and move your total network into our cloud data centre removing all requirements for server-based hardware on-site. What your business will have on-site is a peer-to-peer network, router, desktops, and/or thin clients to access your virtual network in the cloud.

A true cloud platform
with no geographical boundaries


Your Network
All In One Place

Unlike some other cloud network platforms, vCloud’s Virtual Cloud Network brings your total network to the cloud. Giving you a one-to-one (1-to-1) connection at 1 Gigabit, you are able to work from anywhere, on any device with your work colleagues, as if you were still in the office.


Connected to Your
Virtual Network

The option to run in two modes, (1) connect over the internet using your existing internet services, or (2) install a vCloud Hosting Multi-Site Cloud Network to give you totally secure and encrypted access to your network without compromising security, speed and performance.


Dedicated Desktop Environment

With a dedicated Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu Linux desktop for every user to access all network resources, you can have the peace of mind having your own workspace, desktop, files, icons, desktop theme, printers, and drive shares all configured specifically how you like it.


Built on a Software
Defined network

The cloud is built on a software-defined virtual platform to allow us to easily and rapidly scale, build and deploy virtual machines in minutes. Rebooting and changing hardware on the fly without needing to reboot makes the cloud a very agile, scalable cloud solution.



When it comes to any sort of remote access, printing is always at the centre of how to connect to a remote session. With vCloud’s seamless remote access platform built entirely on VMWare, there is no need to mount or install any drivers. Just connect and your printer is waiting for you.


Move all Desktops
to Thin Clients

Create a standard operating environment by moving all local desktops to thin or zero clients, removing the issues for Windows Updates, Malware updates, Malware attacks, or hardware failures; by using a thin/zero client, you will be saving power and creating greater productivity.


Multiple Desktop

Dual Screen is standard with all virtual desktops. Additional screens for virtual desktops are provided for an additional charge and upon request. This gives you the productivity that you have on a desktop computer without compromising mobility
and access.



With a platform that is able to be connected from literally any current device on the planet, using a vCloud Virtual Cloud Network you can be connected from a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, thin/zero clients, or a Chromebook. Work from anywhere or literally any device.

laptop computer connected to datacenter

A Network Built for the Cloud

We build cloud networks just like we build an on-premise network. The active directory, user setup, drive shares, software, and server and desktop configuration is all configured the same with the difference being the way your network is isolated from other networks in our data centre.

We set these access control rules to protect your network from unauthorised access and increase the level of security to ensure that your information and data is always protected.

With everything in the cloud built specifically for the cloud, all software is recent and regularly updated. Future releases are tested months prior to being released as a platform.

Contact us today to discuss the best way to move you into the cloud and work out the best way to migrate your data over to us.

Some Info About our Data Centre

Very early we decided and wanted full control of how this environment was going to run and operate.

We wanted:

  • Our own premises, transit links, hardware, and secure building access
  • Be the only vendor, we don’t resell resources to other I.T. companies
  • Full access to all system hardware, resource, and underlying infrastructure
  • Total control of transit and failover links that come into our premises
  • Have our own back end private network hosted and named by us
  • All power, cooling, and remote management to be managed by us
datacenter server room



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