Managed IT Services Melbourne

It’s every business’ worst nightmare, you’ve forgotten something as simple as renewing your anti-virus subscription and a virus has shut down your entire network. How much productivity would you lose? Not to mention the money your business would lose during your system’s downtime.

Luckily, vCloud offers managed services for network health to prevent situations like this from occurring.

From our console, we can monitor the overall performance of your workstations and servers, check for any possible updates and ensure your anti-virus is up to date. All this can be done remotely via the console on our vCloud workstations.

Below is a list of what is provided when you apply for vCloud managed services:

  • System Monitoring for CPU, RAM, Hard Drive and Network Utilisation
  • Remote Restart and Shut Downs
  • Application of Updates
  • Application of Latest Anti-Virus Updates
  • File Transfers To and From Your Computer
  • Alert Management for Critical Issues