If you are looking for the next generation cloud computing solution, then you have come to the right place. At vCloud Group - Australia, we specialise in delivering state of the art
cloud computing solutions tailored to meet your business requirements.

No matter the size of your business, we can guarantee we have a cloud computing solution that meets your requirements, and that your data is 100% secure and in safe hands.


With our constant research & development and upgrade/rollout path, we maintain the most up-to-date hardware and software solutions from all our business and alliance partners.

Utilising the best cloud-based solutions, we integrate them into our network and provide the best reliable delivery to you as our client. Taking shortcuts is not in our vocabulary.


Every IT company and solutions provider is selling cloud services, but how many are providing the total cloud solution?

Coupled with our Multi-Site Cloud Network and Cloud PBX solutions, let us show you how to move your office locations into the cloud and create a platform above your competition.


Our zoned datacentres are specifically located in your region, connecting to the vCloud network has never been better.

We now have presence all over the world with our worldwide datacentre business partnerships with IBM CloudAWSGoogle Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Gain the benefits of the cloud, no matter your geographical location.


Have you been dealing with a service provider that constantly handballs your support issue to another party or service provider?

When you log a ticket or call with a support issue, we try to help resolve your issue to the best of our team’s knowledge. But we can’t know everything about other systems and companies software.


Need the freedom to work from anywhere, any time, and on any device? Do you have staff that need to work from different offices or locations? A cloud network can fix all that. More so, bundled with our Multi-Site Network and Cloud PBX platform, we can put your total office in the cloud.


VPN and MPLS are now a technology of the past. They are expensive and tie you to a service provider for at least 2+ years. How do you overcome this? Move to our Private WAN solutions and free your business from expensive links. Run five sites with what it would cost you to run one with MPLS.


Looking for an IT managed service provider that can do it all. We manage everything from computer networks, phone systems, CCTV, multiple locations … all from one company. We attempt to manage this all internally. Like this, we remove and/or limit the amount of handballing created by other service providers or support teams.


Have you thought about the continuity of your business when you have had any sort of data loss? It’s time to start thinking about limiting any downtime. Let us help you put an appropriate business continuity strategy in place, so if you delete a file or get any sort of ransomware, we have a plan to bring you back ..


Internet surfing, spam, email phishing, ransomware .. malware, in general, is the biggest threat to having a computer system/network. How do you overcome this? Our smart email and web filter solutions will block 99.9% of spam email and unsolicited links that you may click on in your computer network.


As the world changes the way we communicate, an agile and rock-solid phone system is a must for every business need to survive and remain competitive. Our smart, cloud-based VoIP and Microsoft Teams phone systems allow us to deliver a new way to communicate and work from anywhere.



vCloud Group is a global cloud computer company with datacentres situated worldwide. Originally started in Melbourne, Australia vCloud Group’s Europe region allows us to bring the Australian personal touch and customer service directly to you.

vCloud Europe is more than just a cloud computing company. At vCloud, we believe that every area of a business can implement our cloud computing portfolio, allowing every member of your team to work from anywhere in the world. Whether it be from the office, from home or even from the luxury beaches on your five star holiday, vCloud Europe is here to assist you in making this easy transition seamless.

vCloud Europe provides customised solutions within our cloud computing portfolio. Whether it be a cloud based phone system, network or security, or whether your business requires managed services and business continuity, we are here to help. We work alongside you through the migration from on premises to cloud services and provide you with 24/7 customer service throughout every step of your vCloud experience. Our support team is located globally, allowing us to connect with you and work across all time zones.

No question too big and no task is too small, allowing you to be given the knowledge you require to get the most out of your services with vCloud Europe.


Latest VMWare Platform

Built on the latest VMWare platform, and being the pioneers of virtualisation for 20 years, it made sense to base our cloud network on this technology.

Continuous System Upgrades

Research and testing is all done in our core, what we deliver is the best solution for your business. Cost is not a factor with the solutions we build and deliver.

Technology Focused

Being at the forefront of technology means we always know when new technology arrives. We don’t like surprises that we don’t know anything.

24/7 Worldwide Support Team

With vCloud Group – Europe now worldwide, access to technical support is even better than before. With a support team spanning the globe in local timezones.

Technical Experts

Our technical experts have over 30 years of experience and knowledge working with your staff to maintain your business’s corporate computer network.

No Handballing

Completely vCloud Group means no hand balling. Everything is under the same roof, dealing directly with us to fix all your I.T needs.

Total Managed Solution

With every solution within our network being tested and utilised to ensure we proactively monitor and manage the uptime and performance of your network.

Great Pricing No Matter Size

Even small businesses need great enterprise solutions to grow successfully. This is what we do best at vCloud Europe, build cost-effective solutions… no matter the size.

Total Managed Solution

With every solution within our network being tested and utilised to ensure we proactively monitor and manage the uptime and performance of your network.