with a cloud computing network that

has no geographical boundaries


If you are looking for the next generation cloud computing network or work from anywhere platform, then you have come to the right place. At vCloud Australia, we specialise in delivering state-of-the-art cloud computing solutions tailored to meet your business requirements.

No matter the size of your business, we can guarantee we have a cloud computing solution that meets your requirements, and that your data is 100% secure and in safe hands.



With our constant research & development, upgrade and rollout path, we maintain the most up-to-date hardware and software solutions from all our business and alliance partners.

Utilising the best and latest cloud-based solutions, we integrate these cloud computing platforms into our network and provide the most agile, reliable and robust cloud network to you as our client. Taking shortcuts is not in our vocabulary.

cloud servers


Every IT company and solutions provider is now providing cloud services. But how many are providing the total cloud computing solution as a platform?

Coupled with our Multi-Site Cloud Network and Cloud PBX solutions, let us show you how to move your office locations into our cloud platform, creating a total cloud-based platform that will allow your staff to work from anywhere, and on any current device.



Our zoned datacentres are specifically located in your region to ensure the lowest possible latency, so being connected to the vCloud network has never been better.

We now have presence all over the world with our worldwide datacentre business partnerships with IBM Cloud, Equinix, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and NextDC. Gain the benefits of the cloud, no matter your geographical location.



Have you been dealing with multiple service providers that constantly blame other service providers, or handball your support issues to other service providers?

When you log a ticket, send an email to our help desk, or call with your support issue, we try to help resolve your issue in the quickest amount of time, and to the best of our knowledge. But we can’t know everything about other systems and company’s software.

Have you ever lost data?

With Business Continuity becoming more affordable and our continuous on-site and cloud remote backup technology, we make business continuity simple.

With real-time monitoring, verification, testing, and retention policy to meet your requirements, you will see all the benefits of business continuity the first time you delete a file or overwrite something by accident.

Great backup options available; all backups have on and off-site copies, a third remote copy is also available to give you further peace of mind and a hot start server to plug directly into our cloud network and virtualise your server until we fix your on-premise server.

With military enabled security and encryption your data is being transferred over a secure connection where it cannot be intercepted and all business continuity plans come with 24/7 support and access to your data.

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laptop computer connected to datacenter

Why do you need a virtual network?

There is no doubt, cloud computing is here to stay. But choosing the right cloud computing platform to suit your business requirements, that’s the challenge.

Having the flexibility to be truly mobile, have access to all your data and information from anywhere in the world is really the most positive reason to move to the cloud, but it is not practical for everyone.

If you have staff that operate from laptops and/or tablets, staff that need access from home, you travel interstate or overseas a lot, then having a cloud virtual network will keep you in touch with your staff and information anywhere in the world.

At vCloud, our Cloud Virtual Network gives you total freedom to have access to your information. We migrate and move your total network into our cloud data centre removing all requirements for server based hardware on-site. What you have on-site is a peer-to-peer network, router, desktops, and/or thin clients to access your virtual network in the cloud.

Managed Services to Next Level

Currently, most I.T. service providers support only on a per device model. We have found especially over the last 12-months, that this model is no longer sustainable now with everyone working anytime and from anywhere.

So we are moving away from a per device model, to a new per user way of managing your devices.

This will now allow for up to 4-5 devices per user. So instead of having one desktop or laptop or both and being charged for both you can now have:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet or Phone
  • Laptop
  • Servers
  • Printer
  • Virtual Desktop
  • IP Phone
  • Storage Devices
  • Internet/Wifi/Routers

vCloud Support

vCloud Support … a support team spread across different timezone’s to ensure no matter what region you are from, you get the IT support you need. If you would like to know more about vCloud Support and our global IT Support Network … click here.



At vCloud Support, we take supporting you very seriously. Our goal is to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible and without the need to revisit your problem over and over again.

In fact, if we can fix your problem in under 5-minutes, it’s free, no charge .. we don’t even log a support ticket as some I.T. companies do.

supported platforms


Being an I.T. support services company means we need to keep up with the best way to get you to register your I.T. problems, to make it easy for both you and us to track.

As a software development company, we developed this software to work on every platform with live real-time notifications.

team viewer


When it comes to access and remote access software, we don’t believe in using a solution that is cheaper to run. We use the industry-leading software Teamviewer Corporate.

With Teamviewer, we can ensure we can be connected to your device within seconds, that’s how we can fix some I.T. problems in under 5 minutes for free.

managed services


As much as most I.T. support providers now only support managed services, we can still provide adhoc support charged by the hour with pre-paying for blocks of time upfront.

Click here, to make an appointment. Then one of our support engineers will then contact you for us to connect to your device and fix your IT issue.


managed services

Latest VMWare

Built on the latest VMWare platform, and being the pioneers of virtualisation for over 20 years, we based our cloud network on a platform that has a proven track record. It made sense to base our cloud network on this technology.


24/7 Worldwide
Support Team

With a global IT support network spanning all time zones, access to support is even better than before. Just log a ticket, send an email to our help desk, or call us and we get onto fixing your issue promptly, no matter the time.


Total Managed

At vCloud Australia, having the most reliable robust, and the rock-solid hosting platform is what allows us to provide an affordable service of unparalleled quality when compared to our competitor’s cloud services.


Continuous System Upgrades

We continuously do research and testing in our own and remote datacentres. What we deliver is the fastest and best solution to meet your business’ requirements. Cost is not a factor when it comes to meeting the demand of the cloud.



With over 30 years knowledge in IT and cloud computing, we have the technical expertise and the experience to ensure you end up with a hosting service suited for you, your business, as well as answer any questions.


Great Pricing
No Matter Size

We pride ourselves on providing feature-rich and high-quality cloud computing services at competitive features and prices against those of most of our competitors! If you need custom cloud solutions, contact us today!



Working with only the latest technology platforms, providers like Intel, AMD, IBM, Lenovo, VMWare, Microsoft, Adobe, and datacentre’s like IBM Cloud, Equinix, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and NextDC.



With vCloud Group now worldwide, access to technical support is even better than before. With support team’s spanning the globe in your local timezone, getting access to someone to help you with your support issue is only a phone call away.


Proactive Technical Support

Following up and checking on everything we do is part of what we believe IT support should be. So no ticket is closed and no bill is issued on any support issue until it’s resolved, followed up, and confirmed it is completed.


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