As the IT managed services requirements of an organisation grow, managing a network internally becomes expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective particularly if you are an SME who cannot afford to hire more than one or two specialised IT staff. Outsourcing to a fully equipped team of IT specialists like the vCloud Australia is the perfect solution as it enables you to minimize the deployment and support requirements for in-house staff. Besides this, we optimize the performance of your network and keep costs predictable and under control with our scalable pricing model.

vCloud Australia’s managed cloud IT services provide businesses with a team of IT experts who have the skills, resources, and required experience. They ensure your network is fast, secure, and up-to-date while providing onsite support whenever you need it.

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Managed Services allows us to
proactively maintain and manage your devices



Device Management allows us to manage your device(s) * to proactively know when issues may occur. Monitoring your device(s)  such as CPU, memory, storage, and I/O in real-time can give us an indication with certain thresholds are breached. This then allows us to make decisions to execute specific plans and tasks that is based on your system performance and stability.



As part of our managed services solution, we have all the latest remote access and remote control tools at our fingertips. With Teamviewer, Splashtop, and AnyDesk in our remoting arsenal, we ensure you are not wasting time connecting with us by downloading and installing software for us to gain access to your systems. These tools allow fast and secure access for us to assist you.



With years of experience in managing I.T. systems, we have created an efficient list of scheduled tasks that we are able to run remotely, without gaining access to your system. Tasks like, clear temporary files, running batch routines to complex group policy PowerShell scripts that change the way your system operates, boots, and functions. These tasks are scheduled to your business’ convenience.

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During 2020, the issues that arose with COVID-19 government-enforced lockdowns, we realized very quickly that we needed to manage more than just office and virtual machines. So from 1st March 2021, we now support up to 5 devices per user. So your office and home computer, laptop, tablet, and phone are all now supported for us to managed and maintain.



A routine patch management schedule is the best way to manage how Windows, Mac, Linux, and Third-Party Updates get executed. With Patch Management built directly into our managed services solution, it makes maintaining your device(s) much easier from the one portal. We can even manually push patches down instantly or Adhoc if there is an urgent patch required.



Now working with a per-user for managing your devices with managed services, support for multiple devices is so much easier. No matter if you are running a desktop computer, a laptop or hybrid laptop, a tablet, phone, or Chromebook, we can connect to your device and help assist in resolving your issue to get you back online and working quicker than ever before.



Keep all your services with vCloud Support, no matter if it’s a desktop/virtual computer to a phone system or IP phone. If all your services are with us, then there is no hand-balling between us and other service providers in getting your I.T. issues resolved. Plus remember .. if it’s fixed in under 5 minutes, then it’s totally free, not even logged in our billing system.



Using the world’s two best anti-malware/virus solutions WebRoot and BitDefender, let us manage your device’s security solution with a proven anti-malware solution that meets all of today’s anti-virus, ransomware, phishing, and security requirements all from the phone package. Managing and scheduling updates and scans are managed from one central portal.

We are taking Managed services
To the next level

Currently, most I.T. service providers support only on a per device model. We have found, especially over the last 12-months, that this model is no longer sustainable with everyone working anytime and from anywhere.

So we are moving away from a per device model to a new per user way of managing your devices.

Whether these devices are in the office or at your employee’s home, this new way of managed services will allow for up to 4-5 devices per user. So instead of having one desktop or laptop or both and being charged for both you can now have:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet or Phone
  • Laptop
  • Servers
  • Printer
  • Virtual Desktop
  • IP Phone
  • Storage Devices
  • Internet/Wifi/Routers

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