Trevor Mifsud



With more that 26 years of I.T. knowledge and 18 years in running a I.T. business … There is not much Trevor hasn’t come across.

Trevor has become a trusted advisor to many in all areas of IT, with crossovers between software development, hardware, software, databases, data centres, home theatre, security and surveilance and electonics engineering. Trevor is the one driving force behind the success of the vCloud Group. With research and development (R&D) at the core of everything Trevor does, Trevor believes that R&D is the most important function in the success of the vCloud Group.

Trevor”s vision for cloud computing is simple, there is no use doing cloud computing by halves.  Our appproach is to bring the true cloud computing experience to everyone and make them more productive.

Trevor is also on the board of directors at the Yarraville Club annd has been since 2018.