At vCloud, we are dedicated to providing you with the most efficient and affordable cloud network platform on the market. We have worked tirelessly to perfect our services so no matter the disaster your business faces, you can rely on vCloud to get you back on your feet with the least amount of downtime as possible. Our services include:

Virtual Networks
A Dedicated cloud network platform. Dedicated to moving your office into the cloud to give your staff total mobility and access to company resources from anywhere and any device.

Business Continuity
Have the peace of mind knowing that we will work closely with you to ensure that your company will continue to run through any type of disaster.

Managed Services
vCloud can fully manage your local, cloud or even both networks to fully maintain the integrity of your systems to ensure they are always running at an optimal rate.

System / Anti-Virus Monitoring
We can monitor your network using industry standard monitoring software to check and monitor the health of your network, servers, desktop and ensure anti-virus is running smoothly at all times.

vCloud Can Help You With:

  • Total access to your network Server(s) and Workstation(s),
    Users will have access to all network resources, files and folders, databases, email systems through your network,
  • Be able to give staff remote access to your network,
    eg: maternity leave, sick days, after hours access, personal leave days
  • Access to our network is not operating system specific,
    Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad, Android 2.2 and higher,
  • Your network runs totally isolated from other networks running in our environment, like this you cant see anyone elses network and they cant see yours,
  • Direct connection to our DR network for backup/recovery, like this you have the peace of mind your data is backed up and secure,
  • Direct connect USB devices and Remote Printing for seamless connectivity for printing and USB devices

  • 2x Intel Xeon vCPU
  • 4Gb Allocated RAM
  • C: Drive (100Gb)
  • D: Drive (100Gb)

  • 1x Intel Xeon vCPU
  • 2Gb Allocated RAM
  • C: Drive (80Gb)
  • F: Drive (Shared Storage)

  • Widescreen Monitor Support
  • Dual Screen Support
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 (Server)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (Desktop)
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Foxit PDF Reader
  • BitDefender Enterprise Security
  • Monitoring Agent
  • Remote Printing
  • 2.1/5.1 Sound (Depending On Speakers)
  • Private/Segmented vLAN Network
  • High Availability Cluster Network

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 Mac OSX Leopard & higher
Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 Mac OSX Leopard & higher Android 2.2 & higher
Microsoft Windows 7 Apple iPad 1/2 Android 2.2 & higher
Apple iPhone 3Gs/4 Android 2.2 & higher

Our Business Partners

VMWare Inc.
Cisco Systems
Kingston Technology
Adaptec Inc.