Benefits Of Moving To The Cloud

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Businesses today are starting to explore the value of moving there IT infrastructure into the Cloud. Today’s cloud technology can be confusing with the many offerings made available, choosing the right solution will greatly benefit your business.

This is why at vCloudau we offer a much simpler approach of moving your entire business into the cloud.

What does this mean: Our solution removes the requirement of any on premises server equipment and complex network configuration. We move all of your servers, workstations and network connectivity directly into the cloud. This then gives you the agility and flexibility to deliver new services and meet any rapidly changing business requirements.

The demand to be able to access your network from anywhere in the world on any device, is forever growing.

Our experience has shown that once you have moved to our cloud solution and you and your staff have a greater understanding on what is achievable, you will see a clear productivity increase with staff being able to access their network in the cloud from home or from mobile devices to either, run a report or to finalise or catch up on work.

Our goal is to reduce your IT expenditure and deliver a low cost model, knowing that as your business requirements change and with the flexibility and agility of the vCloud solution you can be assured that it will scale and grow with your requirements.

Interested in moving your office into the cloud, contact us and we can assist with helping you chose the right cloud solution for you.