vCloud Hot Seat

Introducing The VCloud Hot Seat

When creating vCloud Australia, we began with a vision. That vision was to be able to provide a high quality, high performance service that allows our users to essentially take their desktop wherever they want.

To accomplish this vision, we began by putting the network into our own cloud, hence our company name; vCloud. By doing this, we gave companies, businesses and their employees the means to access files and data from anywhere in the world and from any device, providing there is an available internet connection.

Today, we introduce to you the next major development in vCloud software; the vCloud Hot Seat.

The vCloud Hot Seat consists of a Network-As-A-Service or NaaS, with an added server for a software based phone system which allows you to access any files or data using your phone.

The demand for a ‘hot seat’ system increases exponentially with each passing year. More and more businesses are setting offices only for the staff who require an office environment. Other staff can work from home or take their work with them anywhere around the world.

The vCloud Hot Seat is the most efficient and productive software on the market today for any and all businesses. So give our friendly staff at vCloud a call today at 1800 VCLOUD (825 683) or visit our contact page for more information.