vCloudau business continuity

What Is Business Continuity?

At vCloud, business continuity is the most important thing, as a way of ensuring that your business has a plan to keep it running if there happens to be some kind of disaster. Business continuity is just as important as disaster recovery; there is absolutely no use having a disaster recovery plan if you don’t have an initial business continuity plan to execute.

Here at vCloud, we specialise in keeping your business running through any tough situation. This is why our data centre is fully geared to ensure your company’s business continuity. We have the equipment in place so that if anything does happen to your network, we can power your server backup through our console so your business can continue running as normal.

vCloud can do this in two ways; on the Growing Business plan via VirtualBoot Technology and on the Large Business plan via HeadStart Restore.

Is provided by the Oracle Corporation, it is a virtualisation software that allows us to open your backup, finalise the backup and reboot your server into a virtual environment. This is great as a temporary measure while we rebuild your server.

This is a process that takes your backup image, either hourly or daily, depending on your package and applies it to our VMWare ESXi servers to provide you with a copy of your server.

Our storage servers store your backups in your vault. If you are on the Large Business plan, once a backup is received, we then apply the backup and join it to your device.

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